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Polishing Dancers Into Gems

Gem Dance and Company is a start-up non-profit organization helping dancers in the Houston community excel and appreciate artistic value in dance as a performing art. Our mission is to provide a platform for youth polishing their craft in dance that helps them maintain mental and physical stability through well-being and nutritional resources.

GEM Dance and Company is a non-profit organization that is providing a platform for youth to polish their craft in dance while receiving well-being and nutrition health support through community partners. During COVID-19 our organization had to think out of the box and provide virtual learning opportunities and be sensitive to students and their parents struggling financially during this pandemic. Our 2020 campaign includes five – $500 scholarships to support students in their performing arts classes while collaborating with community partners to provide well-being and nutrition guidance for one year.

GEM Dance and Company is raising $20,000 to support additional scholarship funds for students and to cover our initial operating expenses. We have two solutions for dancers and their families. First: financial support when a student is matriculating at their dance school. Second, providing students a toolbox to learn how well-being and nutrition are valuable components in a dancer’s daily life.   

GEM Dance and Company need your support to make a crucial impact in the community and in the world of the performing arts. You can support our cause by giving as little as $20.20 and sharing our campaign with others. (All monetary gifts are welcomed). All proceeds will support scholarships and operating expenses.

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