Julie Toth

Julie Toth, graduated from Baylor University in 1991 with a BBA in Business Marketing. She climbed up the corporate ladder as a retail buyer with a multi million dollar budget, living on airplanes and in hotels. After over a decade of working in the retail world she left to follow her entrepreneurial dreams. She first helped run a custom furniture company as a partner. After years of more overhead than profit, that company was liquidated and she pursued her next entrepreneurial path that has given her and her husband the successful lifestyle they enjoy today.
As a Nuskin brand affiliate and independent contractor for over 20 years, together they lead a worldwide team that focuses on empowering women through a culture of servant leadership. She has 3 children: (26 yrs old; 21 years old; and 13 years old) and lives on a 32 acre ranch outside of Houston with her husband, Dr. Bill Toth. Their 13 year old has been an avid dancer for over 10 years and a competitive dancer for 8 most recent of those years. Because of the flexibility of their business and lifestyle, both Julie and her husband are able to be very active in the dance studio life. Watching a dancer is like watching a dream come to life.
“Our greatest power comes from being two passionate souls on a mission.”